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Free WideWorldImporters Access Database and New Power BI Video Tutorials

This is a short a blog post to let you know that there’s a bunch of new resources that have been published lately and we’re keeping things rolling over here.

Today we’re making putting this WideWorldImporters database (Access version) publicly available so everyone who hasn’t tested the full SQL Server WideWorldImporters database yet can try it using this access file. You can find more information about this sample database from Microsoft here and just as a reference, we created this access database from the WideWorldImportersDW-Standard.bacpac to be precise.

You can go ahead and download the database by clicking on the following button.

I’ve also published quite a few videos (more than 15 new videos) on my YouTube channel about Power BI and Power Query that will directly improve your Data Modeling skills. Here’s a few of them:


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