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Roundup: New Custom Connectors and Videos

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For the past 8 weeks I’ve been focusing in exploring the Power Query Extensibility Model (PBI Custom Connectors) and I can confirm that the possibilities with this extensibility model are incredible.

About Custom Connectors

Custom Connectors not only bring new functionality to Power Query (like new data sources), but it also extends current functionality and can make some HUGE quality of life changes and improvements to the way we work with Power Query by creating custom connectors that act as function libraries.

An example of a Function Library Connector is my CalendarCreator Custom Connector. You can see a video of that Custom Connector in action below:

New videos and future of this blog

I’ve released 5 new videos on YouTube and my plans for the next few month are to create new blog posts based on the most popular videos on my YouTube Channel. Click on the video above to see the playlist starting from the new first new video.

My goal is to finally cover the technical aspects of the M language – we finally have a legit business case to learn the technical details about the Power Query formula Language also known as M, as you need to have a good understanding of this language if you want to create SSAS Partitions, Custom Connectors or if perhaps you’re thinking about creating a one of a kind solution using M.

Prior to that, the focus was more in understanding the UI and how to work correctly with it. Power Query is now in a pretty mature state, and almost 80% of the cases can be solved with just the UI.

Also, did you know that you’d be able to use Custom Connectors in other MSFT products like PowerApps and Flow? Yes! that’s why I’m so excited about custom connectors and the fact that Power Query will be pretty much everywhere.

If you have any suggestions for a topic that I should cover next, let me know in the comments section below.

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