I’m speaking at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018!


This will be a short post just to let you all know that I’ll be speaking for the first time ever in a US based event later this July – the Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018

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Here’s an excerpt of my session (level 200):

The Name of the session: Alberto Ferrari used to do this session called “From 0 to DAX” for quite a few years. He and Marco Russo started doing that session even before Power Query was mainstream, but ever since Power Query came out I thought that it would be time to have a session called “From 0 to Max“.

What should you expect from this session?  A comprehensive and rather entertaining look at the M language from a practical standpoint. This won’t be a regular session where it’s just a white slide filled with code after another white slide filled with code. I’m really and I mean REALLY into visual learning, so I tend to use a lot of graphs, diagrams, illustrations and even animations (as you can see here) – my goal is to make this entertaining and easy to digest.

If you’re trying to get ahold of the M language then this is the session for you. If you’re attending the event and you have any suggestions on what you think that I should cover then let me know in the comments section below.

Don’t forget to watch the session that Matt Mason did last year as I’ll be covering some of those again and then cover some completely new content.

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