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Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018 – Keynote

This is going to be a short post with my live onsite notes on the Keynote for the Business Applications Summit 2018.

  • “modern, unified, intelligent and adaptable solution” This probably hints towards AI with the ability for the “system” to provide suggestions on the go so it’s more proactive and adds value. This system will probably be either Dynamics 365 or CDS with PowerApps depending on the requirements.
    Dynamics 365 seems to be the core of the keynote and, with all the power tools in place, it should probably be an amazing experience.
    Yup. This is definitely a keynote about Dynamics 365 as the core of everything in order to provide a unified and integrated experience. Power BI is not the primary topic of this event.
    the Hololens demo was pretty cool.

Pretty light On Power BI content was one of the comments from the crowd.


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