Microsoft Certifications Goals– Can a Excel/Power BI guy Achieve this???

For the past few months I’ve been getting more and more serious about my business and the certifications that I hold.

So far I’ve been able to accomplish the ones below as an individual:

MCSA: BI Reporting - Certified 2017Microsoft Certified Trainer 2018-2019

and just a few weeks ago I was able to have my company (Powered Solutions) attain the Silver Data Analytics Competency:

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With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about the next steps that I need to take in order to have my company be a Gold Partner and in order to make that happen I need to have enough customer references (those are ready to go!) and I also need to have enough professionals in my organization that have the correct certifications – starting with myself.

My next goal: Become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics

The overall MCSE for Data Management and Analytics can be accomplished in many ways. I’m already an MCSA thanks to the BI Reporting (Power BI Related exams), but I also need to take at least another one in order to qualify to be an MCSE.

It doesn’t end there – according to the Data Analytics Competency Public Page, 2 members of my organization need to pass 2 specifics exams related to the MCSE certification. (I wish the BI Reporting one counted, but it doesn’t right now)

So this takes me to my new journey: Passing both the 70-767 and the 70-768.

I’ve decided to first tackle the 70-767 on Implementing a Data Warehouse using SQL.

Can a Excel / Power BI folk attain this competency with only 3 months to study?

That’s been the question that I’ve had in my mind for years, but I’m willing to get out of my comfort and finally get into the SSIS and SSAS world. Tabular is something that I’m familiar with thanks to Power Pivot and some courses that I’ve taken thanks to Marco & Alberto from SQLBI, but all my knowledge about Power Query is not something that I could leverage for this exam since Power Query simply doesn’t exist in SSIS….yet.

I consider myself an Excel guy that has transitioned over to Power BI. I’ve worked with Azure SQL, Logic Apps, Zapier, graphic design, illustrations, PR, Marketing, Finance, HR, Oracle, Apex, WordPress, json, javascript and all of them to a certain degree which you could consider as a rookie. I know the basis of SQL, but I don’t know all of the functions within T-SQL, nor am I trying to learn all of them.

Either way, I’d love to get your opinion. I’m scheduling myself to take this exam (767) on November of 2018 (which is a month full of holidays here in Panama) and I only started studying a few weeks ago.

Will I be able to make it? Would I need to take that exam like 3 to 4 times to make it happen? What do you think?

My current Plan

Cathrine Wilhelmsen has an amazing post about how she prepared for this exam. From reading the article, she had experience with SSIS which is something that I lack completely, so I started asking more folks for suggestions.

In the end, 12 people sent me their suggestions and even one of them sent me to a page for “Answer Dumps”. Sadly, if you really want to earn the certification you can’t rely on untrustworthy information, so my best advice is to stay away from sites that try to sell you “Exam Dumps”. It’s just not worth it.

Instead, go ahead and create your own learning roadmap and set aside your own schedule purely dedicated for learning.

These are my current set of learning resources:

I’m finishing the book by Ralph Kimball & Margy Ross (The Data Warehouse Toolkit) and my next step would be to watch the On Demand Video Training. Once that’s done, I’ll go over the Exam Ref book and finally test my skills with the Practice test for Exam 70-767.

Will I make it? Do you have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below and wish me luck! Smile

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