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Power BI Event Activity Log API – Easy way to get it!

The Power BI team recently released a new endpoint for the REST API so we can get the Event Activity Log. You can read more about it from their official blog post here (url).

They also made available a PowerShell cmdlets so you can query your data from it but, what if it was easier to get that data straight into Power BI?

That’s exactly what I created – an easier way to get the Power BI Event Activity Log right inside your Power BI Desktop. Before I show you that easier way to get the data, let’s talk about the concept of this new API endpoint (the event activity log).

What Data can I get from event Power BI Event Activity Log?

Let me give you an example of what fields you can actually get from this new endpoint so you can have a better idea:

And in terms of how the data looks like, these are 2 screenshots to give you an idea:

The whole idea is that with this data you can audit what it’s actually happening in your tenant or Power BI workspace level which could be extremely helpful to understand what resources are being used the most and perhaps what resources are simply running just for the sake of running and not adding any value to your solution.

How can I get the data for the Power BI Event Activity Log?

There’s a few ways to get it, but I’ll show you the one that I’ve created through a Power BI Custom Connector and I’ll give you the most important benefits from this solution that you simply can’t get with others.

Get and configure the Custom Connector

The first step is to go get the Power BI REST API Custom Connector and set it up following the documentation found on the official repo here (url).

Launch the Custom Connector and find the Event Activities function

Once you have the Power BI REST API Custom Connector ready, just launch your Power BI Desktop and, after authenticating, in the Navigator window go to the Functions folder and look for the “Event Activity Log” as shown in the next image:

Click on the Transform Data button so you can be taken to the Power Query window.

Entering the date range for your event activity log

This is the first benefit that we get from this Custom Connector that we don’t have with something like the CMDLET. You can select to get data from multiple dates instead of just from one single date.

Just input your start and end date or even use the date pickers and then hit the invoke button so you can start querying the data from the API:

Another hidden benefit of the Custom Connector – is Incremental refresh ready!

Yes! If you’ve read my article about Power BI Incremental Refresh (here) you’ll know that all we need for the incremental refresh to be correctly configured is simply a function that needs a Start and End Date to drive the creation of the partitions.

I can happily say that the function previously mentioned to get the Event Activity Log meets these requirements almost 100%. You still need to use a DateTime parameters and transform those into Date type to be used in the connector, but I’ve tested this, and it simply works!

The Major benefit of this approach – it’s ease of use and integration with Power BI Desktop

While getting the data from PowerShell is quite straightforward, is not as easy as using Power BI Desktop and having the ability to analyze your data right within Power BI Desktop. With other approaches you need to export the response from the API into a file such as a csv, or import the data into another repository.

Do you find this Power BI Custom Connector helpful and would like to see it as a native connector?

Click here to let the Power BI Team know about it and have them certify the connector!



Frank Tonsen

“The Get-PowerBIActivityEvent cmdlet takes a StartDateTime and an EndDateTime parameter with the same restrictions as the ActivityEvents REST API, meaning the start date and end date must reference the same date value because you can only retrieve the activity data for one day at a time.”

Miguel, is this quote wrong and the ActivityEvents REST API itself is not restricted to one day?

Miguel Escobar

Hey! I believe that quote is correct. It was taken from the official documentation right ?
The API does have that limitation, but I circumvent that limitation with some [M]agic at the custom connector level.
Let me know what you think of the connector !


Could this be used on the PBI webservice with an scheduled refresh? And do you need tenant level access permissions approved in Azure in order to get all Power BI activities even for workspaces you are not in?

Miguel Escobar

Yes – you can schedule a refresh of a Power BI Custom Connector in the Service.
You can find a blog post that I did about that here:

In terms of requirements that are inherited from the API, I highly recommend that you check out the official Power BI REST API documentation and also the official blog post about this new endpoint from Microsoft here:


Hi there. I try every step on github (creating app and setting the txt files). When I get data from the custom connector and try to use the Event Logs with my account (i’m office 365 global admin) it shows me a message like “we couldn’t authenticate with the credentials. Try again”.

Am I missing something or the tutorial needs something else from the tenant? I can see you are using the app registration with secret, don’t you need to allow service principal for power bi tenant or something like that?

Miguel Escobar

Hey! Are the rest of the objects inside the connector working for you? Is this the only function that’s giving you trouble ?


I am also having a similar issue. I can see Workspaces, Gateways but not this funcion and the Power BI Service Administrator……although I’ve just been assigned this role today. Any ideas?

Miguel Escobar

The best way would be to use a tool like fiddler to figure out what type of response you’re getting from the API. Do other tools like power shell work for you ? Or do they give you the same error?

Akanksha Verma

hi Miguel.. thanks for this awesome connector. I already upvoted it at the link you gave. I just have one question. I am able to access the apis for dashboards, dataflows etc. but the Event Activity Log and the topics under Power Bi Service Administrator remain inaccessible. I just get a message saying credentials dont work but they work for other things like reports or dashboards informations. I think its some kind of admin access that I am missing but I am not sure where to add them. What kind of permissions should be given in the power bi App for this to work.

Miguel Escobar

Thanks for the kind words. I highly suggest that you checkout the past issues in the GitHub repo. I believe there have been a few others that have had this issue regarding missing permissions for the authenticated user.

There’s also a few other collaborators that have added amazing code to the connector and you’ll see them in the repo

Saurabha J

Hi Miguel,

I checked this connector today and I am getting the same issue as Akanksha.
I am using the latest .mez from the repo.

I have also raised the issue on the repo as well.

Please guide.


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