About us

Commited to deliver the best content and service to our clients

Powered Solutions is a company with 100% Panamanian capital, a service provider for the development and use of business intelligence whose incidence is substantial at transnational level in the first world distinguished by highly qualified staff with certifications and exclusive international recognitions such as Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Professional and proven know-how as well as the effective implementation with a select and growing portfolio of highly satisfied corporate clients experience.

What We Are Proud Of

  • Clients from 25+ Countries

  • 100+ Happy Clients

  • 92%

    90%+ Customer Satisfaction rate

Our Company Strategy


Provide real and useful diagnostic to our customers about their current situation, reasoning sustainably with serious studies of historical trends and current operating cash flow and consistently projecting holistically to prevent problems, optimizing results, in less time and increase their customers and satisfaction levels, strengthening their relations, without prejudice to a truly effective to the internal of their company and economic group operation.


To assist in the overall improvement of your business, making it more intelligent and effective. Overseeing the optimal functioning of its cutting-edge tools that are not only updated but early in time and space for an executive coordination of excellence. Rather than making us their trusted advisors, and experts in their loyal companions to his company set the pace for sustainable and intelligent progress in their current line of business and to grow in other and expand to other markets.