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  • The Excel Revolution is reaching new ground

    PASS Bacon

    You probably already know about this news, but as I’m typing this on my laptop there are 11 Excel Experts representing us (the Excel people) in one of the most important Business Analytics conference that was mainly focused for SQL people a few years ago. I say that they are representing each and every one of us because they symbolize the new era of the Excel user: A REALLY bright era where Excel meets Business Intelligence and Magic happens Sonrisa

  • Google Analytics & Power BI – Try it FREE!

    Power BI GA

    If you use Google Analytics to analyze your Web Site Data then you NEED to try the new Power BI connectivity with Google Analytics and its companion Mobile Apps for iOS.

    Our site (and its data) was featured on the official Power BI blog today and here are some screenshots of the traffic data shown inside Power BI thanks to the GA connectivity:

    GA Dashboard

    GA Dashboard

    GA Report

    GA Report

    Follow this link in order to get a full walkthrough of how to set this up.  Completely FREE!

    Check Blog Post
  • Upcoming Excel & Power BI Youtube Videos

    If you haven’t check out our Excel, Power Pivot, Power Query and Power BI videos on Youtube then be sure to check out our channel:


    In the coming weeks I (Miguel) will be posting even more content, so be sure to check the channel and subscribe to get notified when the videos are up. For now, you can check out the new Channel Trailer that has a special participation of our Channel logo.

  • Getting Started & Understanding Power Query and the M Language


    Let’s put Power Query and the M Language under the scope

    Power Query is a breakthrough tool for self-service Business Intelligence and it’s the new best tool released by Microsoft within the span of 5 years. I’ve already posted about what Power Query is and what it represent to us but, How can I get started with Power Query and the M Language?

    Well, this post will try to tackle that question and give you a sense of how to start using Power Query and understand its language.

    I’ve divided this into 2 main sections that I truly believe should be first primary focus of our journey when we try to learn Power Query and the M language. These are:

    1. The Power Query & M mechanism or Workflow
    2. The actual M Language itself

    Let’s get started with the basics!

  • Combine Multiple excel, csv and txt files – New guest post on PowerPivotPro.com


    (Click on the image above to read the post)

    Have you ever wanted to Combine multiple:

    • Excel Files
      • Spreadsheets
      • Tables
      • Defined Names
    • CSV files
    • TXT files

    Find out the most optimal way to do so by reading my guest post on powerpivotpro.com

  • What is Power BI?

    This information is based on the features and services that Power BI offers as of January 2015.

    Microsoft Power BI

    • Excel Add-ins

    • Cloud Service

    • REST API

    What is Power BI?

  • What is Power Query?

     Power Query unofficial logo(Power Query unofficial logo)

    A long overdue post!

    It’s a bit crazy that at this point I haven’t posted anything clearly defining what Power Query is and where it fits in the whole self-service BI experience with Power BI.

    So it’s time to actually sum up some points and post them here so we can clear that doubt about what really is Power Query and why you SHOULD care about it.

    What exactly is Power Query?

  • New Website & New Design

    New Website Design

    (A completely new design with a centralized CMS using wordpress)

    For the past year, this site was hosted using Wix’s technology. But not anymore. Thinking about providing a seamless experience for all of our readers, we went ahead and change things around.

    Our main goal with this change:

    Create a simplified, centralized and seamless experience for all of our readers and clients

    This translates into using a single domain for all of our website purposes and a centralized way for providing content in both languages (Spanish and English).

    This change also brings us a more flexible framework which lets us do things that we couldn’t even imagine with our previous site.


    We invite you to browse our site and give us your opinion about it! We sure put our ♥ into it