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  • New eBook about Power Query: Secure your FREE copy now!


    Data Wizard cover

    YES! – We’ve been working hard on this one and it’ll be a completely free eBook. If you want to get your copy, be sure to sign up to our newsletter here and you’ll be one of the firsts to receive a free copy of this ebook.

  • Announcements: Power BI Red Carpet Program + New Power Query book is out!


    Power BI now in Panama!

    Powered Solutions is now part of the Power BI Red Carpet Program

    The Power BI Red Carpet Program is an invitation-only Microsoft Program for a few selected partners worldwide and Powered Solutions has now been nominated, selected and activated as the very first and only Microsoft partner to join this program in Panama. The program helps partners by providing the tools, training, content, and support in order to deliver a successful Power BI based solution and bring data to life.

    This program will enable us to continue delivering the Top Quality service that we provide around Microsoft Business Analytics Technology and to be even add more value to the value-proposition that our solutions can have for our customers.

    If you’re looking for a Microsoft Partner that will help you bring your data to life in Power BI, then contact us at info@poweredsolutions.co for a meeting

    The Book is ready!

    Long overdue! but the book is now available

    The book is finally ready and you can get your copy here. This book follows the same learning path that Ken and I (Miguel) created for the Power Query Workshop, so you can expect some basic to advanced Power Query – there’s something for everyone!

    S2A English Final

    Don’t forget to download the supporting files for FREE! Click here to download all of them

    In case you want to take your Power Query experience to the next level, then I’d recommend you sign up for our last Power Query workshop of the year on the 24th of November. Click here for details

  • M is for Data Monkey: put your name in the Book!


    (You can have your name in one of the pages of our Book!)

    Ken Puls and I are writing a book on Power Query and the M language called ‘M is for Data Monkey and the last piece of the puzzle is to get YOU to be part of this book.

    What we need from you

    We’ll need you to submit the following information via email to info@powerquery.training

    • A copy of your receipt for the pre-order of the book – if you haven’t pre-order it then you can do so here
    • The name that you want to be displayed on the book – for example, it can be Miguel ‘Mike’ Escobar, or something among those lines like Miguel Escobar (PTY507)

    We only have space for a limited amount of names (around 80), so please submit your information as soon as possible!

    The deadline to submit this information is August 14th, 2015 at 23h59m US Eastern time.

  • New Power BI Desktop (fka Power BI Designer)


    (A re-engineered tool with a new Visualizations engine)

    Power BI Desktop is the tool that replaces the Power BI Designer –  in short, it’s the new and optimized version of the Power BI Designer that comes with new features, new integrations and even a completely new take when it comes to the Microsoft policies as they are going open source with their Visualization engine.

    Here’s a quick blog post of all the new things that you’ll encounter in this new tool.

  • 3 New Power Query Patterns & Upcoming Power Query Workshop


    We’ve posted 3 new Patterns for you to look at in the Power Query Training site. These are:

    In case you’re late to the party, we have also released the new date for our upcoming Power Query Workshop. Check the details below.

    • 3

    • Workshop Summary

      • 2 Days of Content
      • 1 Q&A Session
      • 1 FREE eBook for each participant
      • 6 Assignments
      • Full HD Recordings in MP4 format

      Start Date: August 12, 2015 @ 10am UTC-0500h 

      Course Information
  • ABC Analysis with Power Query


    After an amazing first Power Query workshop in English, we are providing our attendees with even more CRAZY cool content that they’ll be able to put into practice (and understand) right away!

    You might have already seen an ABC Classification Pattern with Power Pivot here, but this time you’re going to see this pattern being implemented with nothing but M code in Power Query.

    Why? you might ask.

    Is not only a simple and quick solution, in the case that you don’t want to use Power Pivot, but it also has some major feature advantages that can make truly unique solutions that could take you more time to implement in Power Pivot or they might end up adding unnecessary complexity to an already complex Data Model.

    Let’s step into the solution and find out why this is a major step forward all Excel Users and even long-time Power Pivot users.

  • Power Query for Excel – Replace values using values from another column

    Another video trick for Power Query. A glimpse of how advanced you can go with Power Query using custom M code.

    Be sure to check out more tips and tricks like this one on the oficial Power Query Training page

  • Power Query Training – Tricks, Patterns & Online Courses for Power Query

    Power Query Training

    Toda we have officialy and publicly launched the new website PowerQuery.Training that will certainly be the # 1 resource on the web for tricks, patterns, courses and more relating to cutting edge Power Query content.In this page you can acquire new knowledge about Power Query completely free in the Patterns section where it has several tricks and patterns such as merge multiple tables, combine or consolidate multiple files (even Excel files) & group or summarize datas. We invite you to learn what this new site has to offer. Go to Power Query Training