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  • New Artificial Intelligence Features in Power BI / Power Query

    Within the past few years we’ve seen Power BI / Power Query get new features that are using Artificial Intelligence at its core. This blog post is an overview of all of these features, what experience they try to provide and what common problems they try to solve. Column from Example in Power BI / […]

  • Keep (Select), Rename and Reorder your Columns with Power BI / Power Query

    I’ve just finished moving from HubSpot to ActiveCampaign. While HubSpot seems to be an amazing platform for anyone into data analytics, it simply wasn’t cost-effective for my business, not to mention that some of its features seem really limited to the point where I wasn’t even using them. The migration from HubSpot to ActiveCampaign wasn’t […]

  • Step level error in Power BI / Power Query

    In a previous blog post (here) I covered the types of errors that you might most likely find when using Power BI / Power Query. In this Conditional Logic series, I’ve covered the try keyword in Power Query and how to use basically an IFERROR in your own code, but this was mainly done to […]

  • Data Visualizations in our daily lives: Tables – Part 2

    Last week I started this series where I cover how we perceive Data Visualizations in our daily lives. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, I highly encourage you to start reading it now here. I started this series with how videogames are most commonly using data visualizations. I even created a report for one […]

  • Data Visualizations in our daily lives – Part 1

    For the better part of 2019, the focus of this blog has been Data Preparation articles for Power BI / Power Query. Usually, the average data analyst spends most of his / her time on this task – making sure that the data is in the shape / form that the computer requires it to […]

  • Join the Spanish Power BI forum

    During the month of January this year I launched the first Power BI forum entirely in Spanish. I have tried to promote this initiative and to date we have around 240 members which is great. I am publishing this article because I believe we can reach many more Spanish-speaking people who are seeking help from […]