Power Pivot & [DAX]

Authored by Excel Folks for the Excel people

  • Visual

    Each book features hundreds of illustrations, diagrams, and screenshots.  You SEE everything and follow along each of the steps and examples explained.

  • Example-Driven

    Each concept, function, and technique is accompanied by a tangible example.  Everything is both explained AND demonstrated.

  • A simple guide to master the tool

    A technical book written by humans (Excel users) for humans with an easy to follow and jargon-free content.

A glance at what the book is about

    1. Top 5 reasons why you’ll ♥ this book

      A technical book by humans for humans

      An easy to read, jargon free book, designed to be read by humans and not computers

      Systematic way of learning

      Designed for an organized and comprehensive read that incorporates to the reader new and useful knowledge

      Example and visual driven

      The book has hundreds of images based on the examples provided and is completely explained from a practical point of view.

      Practical Utility

      Not only do we incorporate examples but we make sure that those examples have some practical use in real life. These are real life scenarios based on the experiences of the authors themselves or through customer stories

      Downloadable content

      Each chapter of the book also has a companion file in order to follow along the topic explained in the book.