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  • Getting API results from Azure Machine Learning into Power Query


    If you are into cool new technologies then this blog post is for you.

    A few weeks ago, Microsoft released a new service called Azure Machine Learning or simply #AML. It’s a cloud service that let’s you create experiments for data prediction and machine learning in general. (What Data Scientists do)

    You can read more about this service here (you can try it for FREE!!). What really has me hooked to this is the fact that it you can integrate r, so you can create your R code and even packages and use them on the cloud without doing anything special – an enfortless system bound to make things happen (or predict what would happen).

    This type of service is the one that saves hundreds of hours of development or tedious coding so I recommend you give it a try Sonrisa

    This blog post is based on this sample experiment

    We have the experiment ready – let’s use the API and grab some results with Power Query!