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  • Logical Operators and Nested IFs in Power BI / Power Query


    In the previous post I showed you guys how to create a conditional column in Power BI / Power Query using the UI and then just using the Power Query Formula language.

    In this post we’ll go over the available conditional operators and how to do Nested IFs in Power BI / Power Query.

  • Conditional Logic: IF statement for Conditional Columns


    If you come from Excel, you’ve probably seen or heard about the IF statements and its new sister the IFERROR.

    I remember the first time that I saw a conditional chain like the picture below:

    It looked WAY better as a diagram than as an Excel formula, nevertheless – it worked just fine inside of Excel.

    The question is….how do Conditionals work in Power BI / Power Query? do we have an IF function? maybe an IFERROR? THIS is the blog post where I’ll cover this topic.