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  • Understanding Tables, Relationships and Data Modeling in Powerpivot


    Figure 1: Shows a fact table with 2 dimension tables for Customers and SalesPerson

    My response to the image above 2 years ago as an excel user: “What the heck is a FACT and DIM table?Disappointed smile

    One of the common questions that anyone using Powerpivot has is… How should I model my Data in Powerpivot? and it’s not rocket science… it’s easy to learn and hopefully you’ll understand more about it after you finish reading this post.

    If you are new to Powerpivot and new to database modeling then the diagram above makes little to no sense but just think about them as lookup tables that you’ll later be doing some VLOOKUPS, MATCH/INDEX and all those formulas that we, as excel users, know about.

    Let’s learn more about what you should consider when building your Data Model!

  • New project – Powerful free BI Solution for the Small Companies (Part 1)


    (From left to right: Visual Basic Studio, Visual Basic for Applications, Excel 2013, Powerpivot, Windows Task Scheduler) 


    Most cost-effective BI solution ever

    By now, you’ve probably heard about Cloud Powerpivot, SSAS Tabular and even MOLAP or plain MDX in SSRS all either deployed in Sharepoint or using the classic reporting server but… have you ever heard about the cheapest BI solution using Powerpivot?

    If your company doesn’t have the money to run a full BI Site in-house or get a hosting service for your Powerpivot Workbooks then you might want to read the rest of this post which will lead you to a free solution aimed towards the small to mid-size companies.