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  • Parameter Tables in Power BI / Power Query


    One of the most interesting and most unique scenarios is Parameter Tables in Power Query / Power BI.

    The way to make a dynamic Power Query solution is to make sure that it can be easily customizable and, at the same time, be able to work as more of a pattern rather than just a unique one off solution to a single file, table or whatever it is that your query works against. This is exactly where Parameters and Parameter Tables jump in.

    We’ve seen before how you can create Parameters using the Manage Parameters feature, but what if you want to have your own parameters coming from a Table from any other source?


    The purpose of having Parameters this way is that it’s dynamic, on every refresh it’ll get the latest values, and it gives another end-user interaction layer, where people can input or change values of parameters completely outside of Power Query / Power BI perhaps on an Excel table, or perhaps on its own storage like a SQL Server database.

    In the end, it’s all about providing the user with the friendliest of experiences based on their specific requirements.

    In this blog post we’ll cover what Parameter Tables are in Power Query / Power BI and the types of Parameter Tables that you can use.

  • Parameters and Functions in Power BI / Power Query – Main Concepts


    Power Query or the Power BI Get Data Experience uses a functional language called M to perform its Data Preparation or Data Transformation processes.

    You can read this article to get to know more about Power Query and the M language, but in short, Power Query is the interface that assists you, through buttons and dialogs, to create the M code for you.

    Now, where would I see a function, an argument or a parameter in Power Query ?…and what are they? Let’s have a quick example to see them in real life.