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  • The most important thing to learn when using Power BI


    You’ve started OR you’re in the middle of your Power BI journey and you’re confused as to where you should allocate your learning time and efforts

    Should it be DAX? Understanding the visualizations? the M language? Power Query? Power Pivot?

    SOOOO many keywords that appear when doing a simple online search, but WHAT is the core of everything inside of Power BI?

    This article covers my thoughts on where you should primarily focus your efforts when learning Power BI – let’s find out what is the HEART of Power BI.

    After spending more than 6 years using the toolset and going through various iterations and stages of what we now know as Power BI, these are my own thoughts and what I’ve found works best for the people that I’ve trained over the years.

  • New and First Forum for Power BI, Power Pivot and Power Query in Spanish


  • Comparing Similar Products (Movies) with Power BI

    Back Story: Back in the day, I used to work for this company with a truly all-star / amazing team. We were all part of this company called 20Th Century Fox, and we were in charge of the Theatrical distribution of films in Central America.

    Business Intelligence wasn’t a standard in the industry – at least not how we know BI nowadays, and I was the main person leading the charge of using BI tools to analyze the sales aspect of the business – specifically the Box Office. And that’s how I found PowerPivot (without the spaces back then) and the DAX language. I went deep into it and even took the online Power Pivot Workshop that Marco & Alberto used to deliver back in December of 2011 .

    I was able to implement a WHOLE bunch of reports, analysis and dashboards thanks to Power Pivot, but one thing that I couldn’t implement back then (because I started the journey with my own company), was a Comparison of “Similar” movies for the release planning of an upcoming movie.

    See…before a film gets to a certain theater / cinema / studio / location, it has to go through a certain planning phase. It starts with an estimate on how much that movie might be able to make, but….how can we tell?

    Well, you had a few options, but in the end it was all a manual approach where you’d need to think about what movies might be similar to this one (from every single perspective that you can imagine). Then you’d go through the system and search for every single similar movie one by one so you can grab what was the total gross revenue for each.

    What if…you had a table for all the similar movies (usually called Comps) and you could simply select the Movie that you’re interested in and it’ll display all of the Comps?

    Of course, this doesn’t only apply to movies, but to any product / service that you’d like to compare against similar products.

    This is where this blog post comes in!

  • New Introductory Udemy Course + Job Opportunity

    Blog Post

    Ken and myself just released a new Introductory video course on Udemy!

    This course is basically an introduction to the potential of Power Query and the videos are taken directly from our full Power Query Academy, so you can rest assured that they are of high quality and high production value.

  • New videos about Power BI

    I recently received an invitation to join the Power BI preview and of course that I had to share something with everyone Sonrisa

    So…here you’ll find 2 videos about Power BI. Don’t worry, there are more to come so stay tuned for more information about the BI solution that will truly change the life of all the excel super heroes.