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  • Relative Date Filters in Power BI / DAX / Power Query

    A few years ago (in march of 2013!), I wrote a guest blog post on Rob’s blog (PowerPivotPro) on how to do relative date filters. The title of that post was “how to always show Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow’s Data”  with DAX in PowerPivot back in Excel. The post tried to address the issue that […]

  • Multiple Updates and new Website Look

    (Multiple Updates so hang on tight!)

    I’m going to keep this one short as I’m actually working on another post more focused on Powerpivot Sonrisa

    First Update: New and more Clean Website Design

    Check it out for yourself! Click here to visit the site. It took me about a whole week designing this with Wix but it came out great. I’m planning on adding more widgets down the line but you’ll hear about it pretty soon.

    Let me know in the comments sections below your thoughts on this new design.

  • Introduction: Microsoft BI with Excel


    Figure shows the scalability of the Powerpivot Solution from Personal, Local Network, Team and finally to the Corporate level

    Since I’m suppose to throw a webinar on Monday but it will only be in Spanish I thought about throwing a personal version of my webinar on Youtube divided by parts so it won’t be too hard to digest.

    Here’s part 1 (about 16 minutes) of the webinar that should be 1 hour long total. Where I’ll cover the following topics:

    • User Driven BI and self-service BI
    • Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 with Powerpivot
    • Pivot Tables with Powerpivot
    • Power View
    • Microsoft Data Explorer (Preview)
    • GeoFlow (Preview)
    • Sharepoint Integration
    • What is DAX?
    • Scalability of the BI solution


  • New Demo site for Powerpivot 2013


    Recently, Portalfront hosting has released a new test site using cutting edge technology such as Powerpivot, Power View and Sharepoint 2013.

    Ever wanted to see how Powerpivot or Excel works on the Web?

    Take a look at the reports that are available on the site and if you are interested in a free test site, click the link below!

    Check out the Demo Site

    Request a Free Test Site!

  • Data Explorer & Power View – Using Twitter Data (JSON Format)

    Every once in a while… Microsoft releases extremely cool tools to the Excel audience that leaves us with a face similar to this one –> Surprised smile and they just recently introduced the latest version of Data Explorer

    (which caused this to many people –> Surprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smile) .

    Within the past 3 years, Microsoft has released

    • Powerpivot
    • Power View
    • Data Explorer
    • GeoFlow
    • Excel 2013 (all the new functions and features apart from the ones above)

    All of them that answer to the needs of business users to get their hands on the Dataa and be able to explore it and reach extremely useful insights…all of this thanks to the Self-service BI concept.

    Data Explorer answers the need of the user that needs to transform his data in an easy and automated way, translating this into excel-geeky language, it means:

    • No more macro recordings
    • No more helper columns
    • No more complicated formulas and arrays that made Excel Crash

    Data Explorer it’s a tool that enables you to:

    1. Extract
    2. Transform and
    3. Publish

    your data. However you want. Check out this post from The Data Specialist:


    to know more about what’s Data Explorer

  • Someone answered the million-dollar question! (What is Powerpivot?)


    Someone answered the million-dollar question and I feel like Steve Harvey or some other host about to give the million-dollar check to the winner.

    My friends at Portalfronthosting created this AMAZING video with subtitles in english and spanish! Sí, en español

    Check it out and don’t forget to share it! The revolution has just begun

  • Powerpivot Success Case: The Motion Picture Association in Central America and the Caribbean


    Recently, I resigned my position as a Sales Analyst for the 20Th Century Fox in Central America to chase my interests as a Technology Evangelist for the Tabular Model and Powerpivot (specially Powerpivot) and now, with this spare time, I have time and the right granted access to tell you how I managed to save the MPA and the members of the MPA (Fox, Sony, Disney, Paramount, etc, etc) around $40K and still counting in terms of a BI Solution.

    Read more about this! It’s my masterpiece so far Smile

  • Current and upcoming youtube videos

    This will be a short post since I’m trying to get back to record some youtube videos. If you haven’t seen any of my videos you can go here


    to see one of the most viewed videos in my channel but this post is primarily to get YOU, the reader, a suggestion on what I should be doing next or what you want to see on that channel.

    Hope you like the videos and leave some comments with your opinions or suggestions!

  • New project – Powerful free BI Solution for the Small Companies (Part 1)


    (From left to right: Visual Basic Studio, Visual Basic for Applications, Excel 2013, Powerpivot, Windows Task Scheduler) 


    Most cost-effective BI solution ever

    By now, you’ve probably heard about Cloud Powerpivot, SSAS Tabular and even MOLAP or plain MDX in SSRS all either deployed in Sharepoint or using the classic reporting server but… have you ever heard about the cheapest BI solution using Powerpivot?

    If your company doesn’t have the money to run a full BI Site in-house or get a hosting service for your Powerpivot Workbooks then you might want to read the rest of this post which will lead you to a free solution aimed towards the small to mid-size companies.

  • Cool trick: Always show Yesterday’s, Today’s or Tomorrow’s


                                                 Executive: Are these values correct?

                                                Excel-guy: yes, but you need to check the dates

                                                                 slicers to see what dates the report is using

                                              Executive: Ugh… I just want to click on the report and

                                                                       see the latest values

    If you ever had this situation before let me tell you that you’re not alone on that one…I’ve been there before and it’s time to give you some cool easy tricks on how to set up a Powerpivot report that shows you the yesterday, todays, tomorrow, next week or any type of timeframe  (forecasting or that sort of scenario).

  • The Powerpivot Revolution (the new perception of the Excel user)

    zero-to-hero - The XL Pro revolution(not really from zero, but you get the idea of how it changes the perception of an excel user)

    Powerpivot has been called the best feature to hit Excel in 20 years by many MVP’s, developers, BI experts and excel users like myself. You’ll probably be asking yourself why is this the best feature of Excel thus far?

    Well, it’s simple…