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  • Combine or Append Data: Combining Excel Files


    In the previous post we saw how we were able to combine multiple files from a Folder.

    In that post we were using flat files but, how would that process be for Excel files?

    This is the post where we’re going to see the difference between simple flat files and more complex files (like an Excel workbook) when it comes to using the Combine Files experience inside of Power BI / Power Query.

  • Combine or Append Data in Power BI / Power Query: Main Concepts


    I’ve previously done a series on Merge / JOIN operations (First Part here) and it’s now time to do one on Combine / Append operations.

    so…How do you combine / append / stack tables with Power BI / Power Query?

    There are multiple ways to accomplish this, but we’re going to start with the basics.