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  • Introduction: Microsoft BI with Excel


    Figure shows the scalability of the Powerpivot Solution from Personal, Local Network, Team and finally to the Corporate level

    Since I’m suppose to throw a webinar on Monday but it will only be in Spanish I thought about throwing a personal version of my webinar on Youtube divided by parts so it won’t be too hard to digest.

    Here’s part 1 (about 16 minutes) of the webinar that should be 1 hour long total. Where I’ll cover the following topics:

    • User Driven BI and self-service BI
    • Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 with Powerpivot
    • Pivot Tables with Powerpivot
    • Power View
    • Microsoft Data Explorer (Preview)
    • GeoFlow (Preview)
    • Sharepoint Integration
    • What is DAX?
    • Scalability of the BI solution


  • The Powerpivot Revolution (the new perception of the Excel user)

    zero-to-hero - The XL Pro revolution(not really from zero, but you get the idea of how it changes the perception of an excel user)

    Powerpivot has been called the best feature to hit Excel in 20 years by many MVP’s, developers, BI experts and excel users like myself. You’ll probably be asking yourself why is this the best feature of Excel thus far?

    Well, it’s simple…